Why Are Teachers Shy About Their Awesomeness? Part 1

In my most recent #flipclass entry I wrote about my fear of reflection and admitting that I’m wrong, so I suppose it only makes sense that I begin the second blog with a revision to a previous opinion.In a blog about starting a podcast (EDUatYourBest.libsyn.com) I mentioned that I had a few basic tenets that…

EAUB05: Talking Mission, Purpose & Screencast-O-Matic With Christine Umayam

Christine and I met at FlipTech East Coast 2018 because she was representing a great product, Screencast-O-Matic.  When we sat down to talk, what I found was an amazing story of vocation and avocation melding with a purpose centered in heart and compassion.  Listen to Christine’s journey thus far and the mission that is at the front of her mind.

EAUB04: Teacher & Developer Kyle Niemis Talking Classroom Q

This conversation with Kyle is all about solving a problem in his own classroom and developing his own tool when he found a solution did not already exist.  In the current days of maker spaces and entrepreneurship Kyle has created tools for his students to ensure their success.