EAUB05: Talking Mission, Purpose & Screencast-O-Matic With Christine Umayam

Christine and I met at FlipTech East Coast 2018 because she was representing a great product, Screencast-O-Matic.  When we sat down to talk, what I found was an amazing story of vocation and avocation melding with a purpose centered in heart and compassion.  Listen to Christine’s journey thus far and the mission that is at the front of her mind.

EAUB04: Teacher & Developer Kyle Niemis Talking Classroom Q

This conversation with Kyle is all about solving a problem in his own classroom and developing his own tool when he found a solution did not already exist.  In the current days of maker spaces and entrepreneurship Kyle has created tools for his students to ensure their success.

EAUB03: Flipped Pioneer Aaron Sams Talking Life & Flipped Definitions

Flipped learning pioneer and author Aaron Sams and I got a chance to sit down and talk about life, education, and his surprising take on the definitions of flipped learning. We discussed his view of the role and future of flipped learning in the larger ecosystem of education. Join us as a flipped founder reflects.

EAUB02: Jen Duda and Chris Harris talk robots and coding in the Special Education Classroom

Jen Duda (@dynamicduda338) and Chris Harris (@Principal_H) talk with Matthew about reaching students in a special education classroom using robots and coding.  Jen and Chris talk about the impact that motivational and intentional activity has on all aspects of a classroom that includes students who are chronologically 3rd to 6th grade but have significant challenges. 

EAUB01: EdPuzzle CEO & Founder Quim Sabria Talking The Journey to EdPuzzle

I had the opportunity to sit down with Quim Sabria, founder and CEO of EdPuzzle, when we hosted his company at ILfabCon18 the conference of the Illinois Flipped & Blended Learning Network. Quim and his team spent two days with us training attendees and gathering feedback.  I had the opportunity to hear from Quim himself the story of how EdPuzzle developed and some ideas about where it is headed.