DIBs Finale: Stitching It All Together

The final touches in our DIBs training series and the map that brings it all together.

This is it!

Over the past three months we have gone through an entire training series on DIBs: Digital Instruction Blocks.  This was a follow up to a three month video series on the Four Pillars of F-L-I-P.  Just like our final map to the Four Pillars series (bit.ly/FLNFLIPTRAIN), we are capping this DIBs series with a final learning map that includes all of the video and resource components, bit.ly/FLNDIBSTRAIN.


Final Thoughts:

Before we end, there are two more short video segments to round out our training.  The first is “Teacher’s Eyes” and the aptly named “Final thoughts on DIBs”.  Check out these two installments and start creating your own learning maps that fit your classroom or training needs.

Teacher’s Eyes – Click Here


Final Thoughts – Click Here

final thoughts


Want More?

Want more of the DIBs story and my journey into flipped learning?  It can be found in the book DIBs: Using Digital Instruction Blocks available at bit.ly/DIBSBOOK20180210_160033 (1).jpg


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