1:1 with Chromebooks: Preview of a series


Okay so I am finally getting around to accomplishing one of my goals from last year.  Yes I know if it from last year and it was not accomplished then it is really just a goal for this year, as just like the sour cream all of the goals from last year have passed their expriation date. I’m not going to haggle with you over expiration dates, all I am saying is that I feel bad that it has taken me this long to start an actual blog and stop free-loading on other peoples blogs. I must give Bob Furlong @knightbio1 part of the blame for my shame as he put up a very nice first blog in like a day at knightbio1.wordpress.com and so here I am. By the way I like, and am therefore stealing, an idea from Bob and will limit myself to about 500  words 750 words (changing already) for most blogs as a consideration to the reader and a motivator to just say what I want and move on.  I am already breaking this rule by posting two previously written blogs because there is nothing sadder than a blog with nothing but an intro…and because I now have more posts up than Bob.

1:1 Chromebooks

One of my concerns, read excuses, for not doing a blog previously was that I didn’t feel I had anything to keep writing about.  Now however, my school is going to go 1:1 with Google Chromebooks at the begining of the school year and I have been part of a small team putting together the training materials for teachers and students.  For me this was a great opportunity to fullfill a frustration I wrote about in my Defense of Flip 101 blog I have reposted on this site.  My frustration arose out of the climate of “good enough” I felt was prevalent among most of the stakeholders at the high school for which I work. Well as times are wont to do, they are a-changin.  I have a new prinicpal this year, and the district has taken the recomendation of some teacher committees and restructured the high school and junior high day to better provide for RtI and enrichment for our students. Additionally, the district has decided to move 1:1 with all junior high and high school students.  This has brought an acute need for training for both students and teachers in a short window. If you read the name of this blog or either of the two posts on the page you have surmized that I believe flipped learning is the answer to meeting that need.  In future installments I hope to share the who, what , when, where, and why of this implementation.  Most importantly, I hope to share both the successes and failures we encounter and seek your reflections, corrections, and suggestions.

Well, I have committed to this so I will be posting more shortly as the implementation moves forward, or when Bob posts again to stay ahead of him.


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  1. knightbio1 says:

    Enjoyed the blog post. We went 1:1 last year. It is a slow process getting everyone onboard. Patience and support are needed for some. I have the ideas fleshed out for my next5 posts. Just trying to figure how often I want to post.


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